Galaxy est une plateforme web ouverte, mise au point pour la recherche biomédicale utilisant les données de façon intensive. Que ce soit sur ce serveur public gratuit ou votre propre instance, vous pouvez exécuter, reproduire, et partager des analyses complètes. L’équipe Galaxy est une partie de BX à Penn State, et des départements Biology et Mathematics and Computer Science à Emory University. Le projet Galaxy est en partie supporté part NSFNHGRIThe Huck Institutes of the Life SciencesThe Institute for CyberScience at Penn State, et Emory University.

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autres instances :

GalaxyHannonLab (unix tools, column normalizer, cross-tabulation, visualization, RNA-Seq, ..)


GalaxyJGI (genome assembly [newbler, velvet, phrap, amos, ..], microbiology ecology, stats/graphing tools, expression analysis, genetic analysis, sequence alignment, emboss, ..)


ServerTestGalaxy (serveur de test des derniers modules proposés par la communauté Galaxy)

IFOMIEOGalaxy (carpet : tilling analysis [chipview, preprocess for tilling, UCSC visualization, peakpicker, gene intervals notator, ..], short read mapping & manipulation, ..)

Galaxy / Cistrome (Integrative analysis of genomic data [correlation, association, motif], Data preprocessing, gene expression, ..)

GalaxyJapon (multiple regression, multivariate analysis, metagenomic analyses, NGS, human genome variation [DAVID functional annotation for a list of genes, g:profiling to retrieve the most significant GO terms, KEGGS & REACTOME pathways & TRANSFAC motifs for a group of genes, proteins, or microarray probes], snpEff, DBCLS,..)

GalaxyGeneNetwork (wavelet analysis, SNP/WGA data, SNP/WGA QC, SNP/WGA statistical models, ..)

GalaxyGeneBoree (epigenomic analysis pipeline modules, epigenomic quality, characterization tools, pattern discovery, evolution [NJ tree builder, dN/dS ratio, branch lengths estimation], taxonomy manipulation [fetch taxonomic representation, draw phylogeny, find diagnostic hits, poisson two-sample test], interpret ChIP-Seq peaks, ..)

The Genomic HyperBrowser (create & manipulate tracks, Nmer analysis, transcription factor analysis, plot-based analysis, regulomes, ..)

GalaxyGeneOntology (OBO tools [get ontology, fetch ontology, OBO to OWL, 3-way merge, extract subontology using slims, get descendents, find definition changes, compare OBO files, ..], annotation, owltools [save OWL grpah closure, class ancestor / descendant edges, OWL reasoner report, visualize class using QuickGO], OBO ontology manipulation [in progress..], Thea OWL lib [LCS expression, ontology preprocessing, inferred subclasses, expand OWL macros], ..)

GalaxyHuttenhower (LDA Effect Size : LEfSe is an algorithm for high-dimensional biomarker discovery & explanation, ..)

GalaxyRegulatoryGenomics (TESTING phase NGS : Pyicos)

GalaxyNBIC (evolution  [mutate codons with SNPs, aachanges caused by a set of SNPs, phyloP interspecies conservation scores], genome diversity [extract primers for SNPs, select a specified number of SNPs, specify a set of restriction enzymes, extract DNA flanking chosen SNPs], VCF tools [intersection of 2 VCF files, annotate a VCF file, filter, extract reads from a specified region], pacBio/Illumina assembly [quality-aware error correction : quake, quake PE], NGS taskforce [alignement tool benchmarking, varScan, annotation, gapss, deepSAGE, ..], proteomics tools [LC-MS data manipulation, settings related, feature quantification, list related, alignment & map; matching, matrix related, differential expression, classification analysis, APML to expressionset, QC reprot, ..], motif tools, metagenomics analyses, NGS, SNP/WGA )

GalaxySymD (detecting internally symmetric protein structures, fetch from CATH db, fetch pdb from RCSB db, fetch pdb from SCOP db, run SymD on pdb data, ..)


GalaxyGenouest (galaxy test on Genouest)


Galaxy Virtual Machine README